Book Review by Project for Public Spaces

Along the summer we’ve been delighted to see a lot of blog posts and newspaper articles popping up in connection to Helsinki Beyond Dreams. Here’s a link to an extensive review of Helsinki Beyond Dreams by Brendan Crain from Project for Public Spaces. This text really captures well the essential message of the book, which applies to many cities around the world, not only Helsinki.

“Helsinki Beyond Dreams illustrates how LQC [lighter, quicker, cheaper] interventions add up to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts by generating a more robust public discussion around public space. For that alone – never mind the crisp writing and beautiful illustrations – the book is well worth a read.”

Another blog post well worth reading is an interview by Pop-Up City, unfolding the background of Helsinki Beyond Dreams and offering more insight into some of the projects presented in the book. For Helsinki enthusiasts, Pop-Up City offers a lot more of Helsinki-related articles too.



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  • Helsinki Beyond Dreams is a book about new urban culture and how it can make a difference.