Helsinki Day with New Books

Writers Matti Klinge, Hella Hernberg, Leena Parkkinen and Kirsi Piha with moderator Tommi Laitio from Demos Helsinki

On Helsinki Day, 12 June, Demos Helsinki organised an evening with new books on Helsinki. The panel discussion at the WDC Pavilion was an exceptional encounter with experienced and renowned specialists (such as professor Matti Klinge), young writers (such as Leena Parkkinen and Hella Hernberg) and ex politicians (such as Kirsi Piha) – covering all imaginable perspectives of past, present and future Helsinki.

The books featured were:
Pääkaupunki: Helsinki ja Suomen valtio 1808-1863 (by Matti Klinge)
Mitä tapahtuu huomenna Helsingille? (by Ellun Kanat)
Keltainen kaupunki – Yellow City (by Napa Illustrations)
Helsinki Beyond Dreams (by Hella Hernberg)

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  • Helsinki Beyond Dreams is a book about new urban culture and how it can make a difference.